The machine cuts Rolls and Tubes of maximum outside diameter 400 mm and min inside diameter 75 mm.
It cuts slices PVC Protection Tape Rolls, Plastic or aluminium tubes, Carton tubes-cores roll height (length) up to 2000 mm.
This is achieved by the simultaneous rotation of the roll to be sliced and the 400 mm diameter saw disc emerging from below.
The manual operation of the saw disc is mechanically assisted.
In case of tape roll's diameter less than 150 mm the saw disc should be replaced with a Φ350 mm one.
The saw disc is a carbide tipped one identical to the discs used for saw cutting of aluminium profiles.

Technical Characteristics
The material loss from easc cut 3,7 mm width
Two (2) driving motors: 1,1 kw plus 0,55 kw Electrics: 380 V, 3 ph., 50 or 60 Hz

roll cutting machine ptrcut400
pvc roll cutting machine
pvc roll cutting machine